Double Stage High Vacuum Machine

Double Stage Machines are available from 2400LPH to 12000LPH capacity. Mechanical Booster Pump in combination of Rotery vane vaccum Pump added to boost the Vaccum to the heigher level which minimize the working time of machine to get the desired Parameter as Per IS 6034 and mentioned in Below Table.


Parameter Before Filteration After Fliteration
Break Down Voltage 20 kv 60 to 70 kv
Moisture Level 100 ppm 5 to 3ppm
Particles seen by naked eyes 1 to 0.5 micron
Gas Content 10% by volume 0.1 Volume
*Acidity 1 mg KOH/gram 0.3 mg KOH/gram

*Ionic Reaction column to be added to remove the acidity of oil which is a extra feacture of Machine and do not comes in standard Models. Machine is fitted with high end instruments and Gauges to check, Temp, Pressure and vacuum at different Places inside machine for easy operation and handling.

Models Available

RFE 10000LPH-D
RFE 12000LPH-D

Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Trolley Mounted

Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

Vehicle Mounted

Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

Caster wheel

Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

Without Canopy

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